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 One of my teachers was a Toltec Master who was steeped in the ways of Native Americans. He used to tell his students that we are all surrounded by power and that the natural world talks to us if we would but listen.

Years earlier, when I studied with a Sufi Master, I had read in the Qur’an that ‘there are signs in the Self and in the horizon for those who would discern’.

It is through my interactions with such people of knowledge that I was driven to become a shaman and a herbalist. In fact I believe that I was destined to become one for there were signs all over that I could just not ignore.

After much agonising, I have finally decided to take on this task and open a practice. I am currently doing this part-time but who knows what the universe has in store for the future.

Please feel free to phone me and make an appointment for one or all the services that we offer.

May you prosper!